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Natural Herbal Products

The skin is the largest organ of the body, responsible for bodily protection from harmful invaders and removal of toxins via perspiration. For the skin to work efficiently its defensive mantle requires moisture and protection from the elements. Facial skin is especially sensitive to chemical and environmental influences, as it is thinner and more porous than skin elsewhere on the body.

Chemicals in cosmetics, cleaning products and the environment tend to be especially harsh on the skin and the accumulation of these chemicals can leave the skin unprotected by its natural moisture layers, causing extreme sensitivity and inflammation. Natural, nourishing and wholesome products are far gentler on both the body and the skin. Just as nutritious, organic, unprocessed and whole foods are suggested for optimum internal health, so too are these same products recommended as external applications for optimum function and vitality of the skin.

The ideology behind Botanical Medicine's herbal cosmetic, perfumes and balms is to minimise chemical absorption through the skin by the careful manufacture of time honoured plant based skin care products.

Traditional Hand Made Process

Traditional herbal manufacturing is a lengthy process requiring patience and the understanding of correct timing. Herbs need to be harvested at the optimum time and dried correctly to ensure the maximum amount of chemical constituents remain intact. Every step of the manufacturing process in carried out carefully and accurately to ensure quality, efficacy and stability of the final product. All products are prepared in small batch amounts to guarantee consistency; this creates even more time constraints but results in a superior, carefully fashioned finished product.

Herbal oils need to be infused with herbs under low light and specific temperature conditions for a minimum of two weeks in a process known as maceration. During this time the phytochemicals of the herbs are drawn into the oil and causes a change in colour, texture and odour. This is a delicate process, easily disturbed by light, water and oxygen. Plant extracts and tinctures are manufactured under similar conditions but are not as adversely affected by light and heat as the extraction medium is alcohol or vinegar rather than oil. These herbal concentrates are only used in small amounts in herbal skin care preparations, but are essential to creating a healing product.

Water infusions, floral waters and hydrosols are utilised where possible to increase the potency of the products. Any addition of water needs to be carefully monitored due to its effect on pH levels and to exclude contamination. Essential oils utilised in herbal cosmetics are required to be of a very high quality, ethically and environmentally sustainable and organic preferably.

Native west Australian essential oils are used and are sourced locally through the paperbark company in Harvey Western Australia http://paperbarkoils.com.au/

Natural Ingredients

All the ingredients used in the manufacture of our herbal cosmetics, perfumes and balms are derived from plant based oils, extracts and butters. The preservatives used are also extracted from entirely natural sources. As well as essential oils, CO² extracts are also utilised in the manufacture of these products. CO² extracts are extremely pure plant concentrates produced from a highly efficient extraction process requiring lower temperatures than steam distillation.

Herbal Cosmetics

Blissful bedtime lotion

German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

Both the infused oil and essential oil of German chamomile are utilised in the blissful bedtime lotion. The essential oil is deep blue, floral scented and well known aromatic tonic for the skin and nervous system. Traditionally used for calming and healing, German chamomile is an old herbal remedy for skin allergies and inflammation.

Calming Calendula

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Both the oil and water components of this product are infused with the fabulous gold glowing petals of the Calendula flower as well as the addition of a concentrated Calendula Co2 extract. One of the plants to have survived the test of time as a cosmetic additive, Calendula has the capacity for use in all forms of skin care preparations. Traditionally useful for all skin types, Calendula is supportive for skin that is sensitive, environmentally damaged, irritated or chapped.

Fabulous Feet

Peppermint Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus dives)
The essential oil of Peppermint Eucalyptus is utilised in this product for its cooling, yet stimulating effect on the skin of the feet. This is a very gentle essential oil although not as well-known as other traditional species of Australian Eucalypt.

Healing Hands

Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis)
Both the essential oil and hydrosol of sweet orange are utilised within this product. The fruit, flower and peel are traditionally used to tone and purify the skin. Due to its sweet, fruity fragrance, it is widely used in perfume, soaps and cosmetics as well as a flavouring agent within the food industry.

Lovable Ladies Lotion

Sweet Violet (Viola odorata)
The Sweet Violet absolute, extract and water infusion are utilised in this product. The beautifully sweet yet subtle fragrance of the Violet has traditional uses throughout the perfume industry. In ancient Britain this delicate flower was infused in milk and used as cosmetic.

Regal Rose

Rose (Rosa canina)
The Rosehip infused oil, rose hydrosol and essential oil are all utilised in this product. Although there are many different botanical species, the Genus Rosa has always been an ancient symbol of love and beauty. Entire books have been written on the very expensive yet exquisite aroma and properties of the rose. Traditionally used for mature and environmentally damaged skin and to strengthen capillaries.

Sandalwood Skin Saver

Sandalwood (Sanalum spicatum)

Both the essential oil and hydrosol are utilised in this product. One of the oldest known perfume materials, Sandalwood is instantly recognised by its distinctive, woody aroma used for spiritual practices and rituals Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years to revitalise the skin, when applied externally it acts as a protective layer. Sandalwood has traditional uses as a powerful fixative agent, in the preparation of soaps, incense, powders, perfumes, and other cosmetics.

Botanical Medicine also offers a range of smooth and gentle perfumes and balms.